Ashley Teren - World Traveling Skier

Published on: 14th December, 2020

Ashley Teren is a world traveling skier and founder of the Leave a Trace Ski and Ride Foundation. In this episode, Ashley talks about her early life as a ski racer, before heading to Pakistan for her senior year of high school, living in Hawaii for 15 years and her return to skiing as a ski coach in Southern Oregon. We also chat about Ashley becoming a ski instructor at Mt Bachelor, starting the Leave a Trace Ski and Ride Foundation, her comebacks from injury and her travels to exotic locations.

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I have been lucky enough to make skiing part of my life for the last 30 some odd years. I began skiing at Crystal Mt in Washington and then moved to Ketchum, Idaho after college where I worked at the local radio station as the morning show host which allowed me to ski just about every afternoon. I even got up extra early during the ski season to earn a ski pass by working as snow reporter. Now I make my home in Portland, Oregon and still try to ski whenever I get the chance.